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Fri 24th May 2019 7:25pm
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Thread started 07/24/18 6:45pm




**Uncovering Prince with Hans-Martin Buff** (Interview)


Purple Army, this is what you've been waiting for... One of the MOST in depth interviews on Prince you'll EVER hear, from his audio engineer H.M Buff. Buff worked with Prince from 1996-2000, engineering such legendary albums as "Emancipation", "The Truth", and "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic" amongst others!

In this interview, you'll find out:

- How Buff got his start working with Prince
- How the "1999" recording had an unused Latin percussion part??!
- What song was supposed to be "Bohemian Rhapsody huge" in it's arrangement and mix, but didn't turn out that way
- the NAME and SOUND of the unreleased song that Buff did with Prince on his first day
- which songs from "Musicology" and "20TEN" actually date back to the mid 1990s!
- The time Prince wanted to re-record his ENTIRE back catalog???!!
- The Prince remake song sketch that DIDN'T make it into the Muppets Show
- The emotional, unused vocal part that was removed from the song "Comeback"
- which song Prince spent AGES working on and how that was unheard of for Prince!
- how Buff "went shopping" in The Vault to compile Crystal Ball with Prince
- What happened to the 7 CD "sample set" that Prince, Buff and Morris Hayes compiled
- which song got pulled from "Crystal Ball" because it was supposed to be on The Revolution reunion album "Roadhouse Garden"
- and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!!

This one is for the TRUE PRINCE FANS! Bursting with new information, "UNCOVERING PRINCE" once again asks the questions the real fans have always wanted to know!

If you dig it....... SUBSCRIBE on YouTube to The Violet Reality!

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Reply #1 posted 07/24/18 11:20pm


Thank you very much for this!!
"Don't get too serious, it's just a dream."
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Forums > Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content > **Uncovering Prince with Hans-Martin Buff** (Interview)