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Mon 16th Jul 2018 7:30am
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Thread started 07/18/17 7:10pm




*** Site Update : Art, Podcasts & Fan Content ***

Hey all! Just a quick site update.

Since Prince's passing, we've had a huge uptick in community driven content! Blogs, podcasts, radio shows, and YouTube channels! Things like Peach & Black, Podcast Juice, Purple Knights, and my own YouTube channel The Violet Reality (and our show This Week in Prince) are very clearly a vital part of the community and hugely help us all navigate our cycling stages of grief, love and celebration for Prince.

Our position regarding this content on the org hasn't been clear. Some content creators have had long standing relationships with us to the point where we would generally sticky their latest episodes. This wasn't really ideal, because it led to accusations of bias, and it also tended to favor the creators who release at a faster schedule.

So, afer some internal discussion with all org staff members, we've decided to repurpose the largely unused "Org Artist Community" forum into the brand new shiny purple Art, Podcasts & Fan Content!

We feel it's hugely important to have a home on the org for this community content. Oh, and before anyone asks, this is getting posted here rather than in Site Discussion because it directly affects threads that formerly got posted in here.

So! If you have a podcast, a radio show, a YouTube channel, a blog, anything that celebrates and discusses Prince, Art, Podcasts & Fan Content is the new home for it. You'll find that we've already moved over recent threads of recent podcasts, and there's lots more to come.

Hope you enjoy it! Any concerns or suggestions, feel free to orgnote me at any time 😀

Peace....and be wild.

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Forums > Prince: Music and More > *** Site Update : Art, Podcasts & Fan Content ***