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2gether - A Tribute by June7

2gether - A Tribute by June7


April 21, 2018


When I woke up that day it was because my phone kept buzzing, stopping, buzzing and stopping over and over again.

It was a Thursday, and it was around 10:00 AM, pacific standard time.

Why was my phone going off over and over again? Is mom okay? Dad? I hope it’s not serious. Then I saw that my ex-wife was the person calling and she had left a message.

“I’m sorry about your guy … Prince. Are you okay?”, it said.


I immediately went to Google and typed in the letters, P-r-i-n-c-e. And it was then that I fell to the ground and started to sob uncontrollably. This can’t be true. God, please …

That was two years ago today. And I still feel the pain of that day.

I remember blindly going through that day, watching the news for anything that could have made this make sense.

… And nothing made sense.

… it still doesn’t make sense.

There’s little that has been explained.

In the latest news, the scenario went that he had thought he was taking a dose of Vicodin, a much less deadly form of pain killer, as the pills looked similar in size and shape. Little did he know …

How can we get peace of mind from that?

I understand that we are all looking in hindsight. And it will tell you that there were so many warning signs that we overlooked, well not us per se, but his handlers.

The fact that only a few days before that he was brought back to life by a doctor in an emergency landing should have screamed loudly to anyone who was around to hear, that he should not have been left alone.

But, he was.

And, now we are.

Can you be alone and together at the same time?

Alone together.

I think we are the embodiment of those words.

We who still mourn his passing.

We who still think of him daily.

We who were brought to this place by Him, are still, for lack of a better word, together.

And that is amazing.

Amazing that a silly website that was named for Him, the He fought with all these years (and was a member of!), has survived even the man himself.

Two years later, and we’re still here offering discussion, compassion and togetherness.

And we’ve served him well.

From get-togethers to memorials to full on funky parties, we have laughed, danced, partied and cried. And the key thing to remember from this is that we have done all of this Together!

Or as Prince would put it ‘2gether’.

And, we will continue to do this together, because it’s what we believe in.

We believe in his music.

We believed in his message.

And, we believe in his legacy, probably more than anyone else.

We are ‘prince dot org’.

And, I sadly yet proudly welcome you to ‘Year 3AP’

Prince Rogers Nelson
June 7, 1958 to April 21, 2016
Rest in Peace, Brother

- Tomás / June7
On behalf of the Owners, the Staff and the Members of Prince.Org


[June7, "ModGod"]
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Beautifully said.

It still hurts sad even for moderators

Edmonton, AB - canada

Ohh purple joy oh purple bliss oh purple rapture!
"I kind of wish there was a reason for Prince to make the site crash more" ~~ Ben
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luv4u said:

Beautifully said.

It still hurts sad even for moderators

Even for everybody ... bawl


[June7, "ModGod"]
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June7 said:

luv4u said:

Beautifully said.

It still hurts sad even for moderators

Even for everybody ... bawl


Edmonton, AB - canada

Ohh purple joy oh purple bliss oh purple rapture!
"I kind of wish there was a reason for Prince to make the site crash more" ~~ Ben
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hug hug
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Beautiful words!! Thank you, June7 for those lovely thoughts. I think you nailed how we are feeling perfectly. Alone 2gether. Yes. But even if we feel alone we do still have the org and org members to help us get through this.

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Thank you, June7. Beautifully said. grouphug

Reply #8 posted 04/22/18 1:57pm


This is beautiful! hug

"Those that KNEW the number and didn't call...FUCK ALL Y'ALL!"
Reply #9 posted 04/22/18 4:16pm


Please never give up on this "silly website"... it means more to people than you probably realise.
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wonderfully put

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P o o |/,
P o o |\
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Thank You June7 🌷

I have one good friend, she’s more a sister, whom I
can share my sorrows regarding Prince’s passing.

Then there’s The Org. We’re “outsiders looking in”.
Thank You 💐 grouphug For still being here.

I’ll ache from time to time. Even cry, if I think too
much of Mr. Nelson & his humanity. I’ve been a fan of
other artists but this is very different. Why? I cannot
explain. I (like many) truly cared for Prince.

Our sorrow as fans (”fams) hasn’t closure.
Neither shall our sincerest love for Prince.

Prince - “Until the end of time...” We’ll “truly adore you.” 💜
I'll ♥️ "LemonDrop" 2DN 💋 your "Sugar"
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Beautiful & heartwarming tribute sir.

Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future...
Reply #14 posted 04/23/18 5:31pm


well put and XOX to you and yours Sir.

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"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." --Plato
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That was lovely. Thank you for sharing and for putting into words so well how many of us feel too.
Mostly thank you for keeping this place for all of us to visit as we continue to heal our bruised hearts.
It's a hurtful place, the world, in and of itself. We don't need to add to it. We all need one another. ~ PRN
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Well put Jun7 very beautifully said.
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Respect and Honor ... a strong spirit transcends rules
Peace ... & Stay Funky ...

~* The only love there is, is the love "we" make *~

Reply #19 posted 05/01/18 3:08am


Well said. THanks for sharing.

Reply #20 posted 05/08/18 7:31pm


So true. Thank you.

How long do u wanna be loved? Is forever enough, is forever enough?
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Thank you, June7. Very eloquent.


I've tried not to let my mind drift back to that day two years ago. I was working in news radio at the time, strictly behind the scenes in a technical capacity. But my obvious visual reaction to the breaking news led the on-air staff to realize I had a very real emotional stake in it. And I was quickly enlisted to eulogize The Artist on-the-spot, despite my distraught state. At first I declined, but then it dawned on me that no one in the news room had any real knowledge (or emotional connection) so I had to pull myself together in order to ensure that something of substance would go out over our airwaves... Not the way I ever imagined making my debut as a "reporter."


I was just talking to an old friend about all this, someone I hadn't spoken to at length in some time. He'd forgotten about my Prince fanship. He said, "I've never once been moved to tears by the death of a celebrity... Someone I didn't know, and would've never met." Which is fine. Diff'rent strokes. He (my friend) didn't have to sound so incredulous about it though.


But people regularly are moved to tears by a movie or a piece of music or a news item about people we've never met in places we'll never visit. Or a TV commercial even. I can't even THINK about that one commercial where the guy is taking his senior-age dog on a final tour of his favorite places as a birthday present... I think it was for a car, I don't even know. But damn it, now that I'm thinking about that commercial for the first time in a long time, I kid you not - I'm tearing up.


So why do some people feel like it's completely outrageous to regard the passing a beloved artist as a personal loss? Honestly, however strongly some may feel that these emotions should be exclusively reserved for people we actually know and interact with, I feel sorry for people who have denied themselves the connection that can develop when you invest real time, thought, and emotional depth in the life and work of an artist whom you admire.

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cry prince

Very touching, thanks for sharing..............

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Thank you June 7

You have a lovely way with words...


made me cry and smile at the same time


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