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Sticky: ** When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please READ ** OldFriends4Sale 0 10,789

Jan 25 2017 11:34am

  Sticky: Prince - "Holly Rock" - Official Animated Music Video OperatingThetan 176 23,724

Sep 1 2019 5:41pmjump to last reply
by MotownSubdivision

  Sticky: Prince Classic, 1999, Reissues In Remastered 5 CD/DVD, 10 LP/DVD Boxes - Release: November 29 feeluupp 622 62,004

Today at 5:59pmjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Sticky: The German Blu-ray of the Sign O' The Times movie + its 90 minute documentary "Prince - The Peach & Black Times" BartVanHemelen 42 4,753

Yesterday at 9:34pmjump to last reply
by amokeru

  Sticky: The Estate Discussion - UPDATE: PAISLEY PARK REVERTING BACK TO THE ESTATE October 1, 2019 luv4u 92 7,580

Today at 8:52amjump to last reply
by PennyPurple

  Sticky: Prince's memoir "The Beautiful Ones" (released on 29 October) - The New Yorker has published the introduction BartVanHemelen 179 15,207

Today at 2:58pmjump to last reply
by Hamad

  Sticky: Emancipation 2019 Reissue - First Unboxing! Militant 61 6,625

Today at 1:25pmjump to last reply
by Rimshottbob

When will Piano & A Microphone Live 2016 be released? Astasheiks 46 2,797

Today at 6:02pmjump to last reply
by macaylasdad

  What deluxe version would YOU like to see next? Apollo85 94 3,057

Today at 5:41pmjump to last reply
by violetcrush

  Warner Bros. treated Prince extremely well lurker316 74 3,581

Today at 5:05pmjump to last reply
by lurker316

  Prince In Mono Chas 12 602

Today at 5:03pmjump to last reply
by lurker316

  "Prince's 50 greatest singles – ranked!" by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian BartVanHemelen 12 850

Today at 4:20pmjump to last reply
by ChickenMcNuggets

  Thoughts on The Versace Experience release? toejam 55 2,717

Today at 4:08pmjump to last reply
by toejam

  Prince's drumming skills lurker316 34 824

Today at 3:38pmjump to last reply
by GaryMF

  The prices of these vinyl reisues are a disgrace in the UK antonb 17 731

Today at 3:37pmjump to last reply
by ian

Everybody Want What They Don't Got williamb610 1 116

Today at 2:55pmjump to last reply
by purplepolitician

  Chaos And Disorder LP mistake djThunderfunk 13 1,057

Today at 2:25pmjump to last reply
by lastdecember

  1999 Live Official Video (Live at The Summit, Houston, TX, 12/29/1982) bonatoc 65 4,005

Today at 2:21pmjump to last reply
by Holmes

  What Prince song do U have on Ur mind today? 🎧 🎶 CherryMoon57 160 3,928

Today at 2:11pmjump to last reply
by mill8

  Songs That Prince Wrote from the Other Person’s Perspective. TheTruth123 28 1,064

Today at 1:35pmjump to last reply
by OldFriends4Sale

Interview Prince archivist Michael Howe talks SDE through ‘1999’ bonus material love2thenines2003 32 2,239

Today at 12:17pmjump to last reply
by SoulAlive

  Why Estate decided not to release Roadhouse Garden? fabriziovenerandi 8 899

Today at 10:55amjump to last reply
by Strive

  Prince & Parental Advisory Sticker feeluupp 1 168

Today at 6:35amjump to last reply
by OnlyNDaUsa

  Loving You ecnirp04 0 202

Today at 3:37am

  Prince had the ladies singing? tmiddleton 2 275

Today at 1:18amjump to last reply
by dodger

  What Prince song had the biggest, most uplifting effect on you? Share your stories! AvocadosMax 3 161

Yesterday at 10:00pmjump to last reply
by udo

  The Premium Market For Vault Material donnyenglish 37 1,681

Yesterday at 9:44pmjump to last reply
by udo

  Originals sales (part 2) RODSERLING 18 1,215

Yesterday at 1:37pmjump to last reply

  Controversy - Ending to the live performance Champagne 0 195

Yesterday at 9:09am

If WB released a *proper* remaster of Purple Rain within the next three years, would you buy it? eyewishuheaven 21 841

Yesterday at 8:43amjump to last reply
by masaba

  Prince Estate - Thank You, Next....Suggestion JoeyCococo 27 854

Yesterday at 8:37amjump to last reply
by jaypotton

The lyrics are stuck in my head, guess the song C0RAZ0N 50 975

Yesterday at 7:34amjump to last reply
by violetcrush

1982/1983 Radio friendly version of LRC? Cinny 12 492

Sep 13 2019 8:00pmjump to last reply
by dbpdexter

  chart position 1999 re-master edition willie 2 397

Sep 13 2019 4:42pmjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

Warner Bros and the estate treats fans well Cinny 8 470

Sep 13 2019 12:40pmjump to last reply
by Cinny

  Who on the org didn't buy Originals and why? RODSERLING 63 3,006

Sep 12 2019 11:56pmjump to last reply
by BlueShakooo

  1999 DELUXE "This Year" Confirmed??? soladeo1 97 12,582

Sep 12 2019 8:18pmjump to last reply
by rdhull

  What kind of playlists are you creating after 1999 Super Deluxe drops? AvocadosMax 3 271

Sep 12 2019 3:45pmjump to last reply
by SquirrelMeat

  Janet Jackson talks about Prince klick2me 1 908

Sep 12 2019 8:33amjump to last reply
by luv4u

Music that has leaked in sequence / album form… VaultCurator 42 3,073

Sep 12 2019 8:09amjump to last reply
by djThunderfunk

  Prince in dsd Funkyalien 7 738

Sep 12 2019 2:12amjump to last reply
by Funkyalien

Private VIP only area in Prince's NPG Music Club Astasheiks 17 1,706

Sep 11 2019 8:59pmjump to last reply
by ISaidLifeIsJustAGame

  What Was THE Song That Brought You Here popgodazipa 34 1,255

Sep 11 2019 8:45pmjump to last reply
by icecreamcastle777

Will they still make deluxe editions of other albums after 1999? getwild180 25 1,025

Sep 11 2019 6:32pmjump to last reply
by motherfunka

  N.E.W.S.: SUPER DELUXE soladeo1 4 696

Sep 11 2019 6:30pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  "Lenny Kravitz on Prince: ‘I wish I could be back in the cold, spending time with him’" BartVanHemelen 19 1,699

Sep 11 2019 6:10pmjump to last reply
by C0RAZ0N

  Did Prince ever write songs for JW? AZStreet 25 1,225

Sep 11 2019 5:58pmjump to last reply
by RJP1205

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