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Sticky: ** When Threads Are HIDDEN -Please READ ** OldFriends4Sale 0 8,992

Jan 25 2017 11:34am

  Sticky: 3-disc Rave release coming in March 2019? steakfinger 212 24,782

Today at 11:16amjump to last reply
by goosepumble

  Sticky: Musicology, 3121, and Planet Earth - [Pre-Order Available Now] - Part 2 luv4u 103 7,149

Today at 12:57amjump to last reply
by NorthC

  Sticky: The Estate Discussion - Part 19 - continued muchtoofast 9 478

Yesterday at 9:21pmjump to last reply
by ISaidLifeIsJustAGame

No Vault material until c2021 according to Dr. Funkenberry...[Thank God for bootleggers!] PURPLEIZED3121 14 652

Today at 12:34pmjump to last reply
by OperatingThetan

  Video: PRINCE - Cream (Live At Webster Hall - April 20, 2004) Latin 1 161

Today at 6:01amjump to last reply
by Ramzoo

  Article: Pitchfork names ‘Purple Rain’ second-best soundtrack ever Latin 3 227

Today at 11:58amjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

  Brian Eno / Prince question yello1 13 476

Yesterday at 6:57pmjump to last reply
by TwiliteKid

  Prince RSD 2019: Versace Experience lottusflower 22 1,505

Today at 6:35amjump to last reply
by TrevorAyer

  First time Prince used the n-word? Mikado 20 763

Today at 9:04amjump to last reply
by fms

  Check out PRINCE on Spotify cjmc2006 2 381

Feb 20 2019 7:38pmjump to last reply
by cjmc2006

Did Prince have different versions of Let's Work in the Vault? Astasheiks 14 706

Today at 8:24amjump to last reply
by Astasheiks

  Did Prince use a grand piano or classical piano in his songs/ performances? SoftSkarlettLovisa 6 415

Yesterday at 3:14pmjump to last reply
by steakfinger

  Prince Comic on Vice kindofblue 32 1,207

Yesterday at 10:41pmjump to last reply
by Matthaus

  A silly question...Montreux 2009 yello1 2 622

Feb 19 2019 9:11amjump to last reply
by yello1

  How "Bambi" performance happened (Nude Tour, Tokyo Dome, 1990) amokeru 20 1,011

Yesterday at 5:03amjump to last reply
by bsprout

  Paisley Park: The socio-political single "Sign O' the Times" was released on this day in 1987 Latin 7 382

Yesterday at 6:29amjump to last reply
by Latin

Rolling Stone Prince mentions. Social networks that live on. 2freaky4church1 1 296

Feb 18 2019 11:58amjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Remixed vs Remastered Reissues paraded 5 553

Feb 19 2019 2:53amjump to last reply
by BartVanHemelen

  His Staminaa!! khill95 4 660

Feb 19 2019 10:05amjump to last reply
by skywalker

  Prince exhibition opening in Seattle 80tomato 2 200

Feb 17 2019 10:36pmjump to last reply
by langebleu

  Anyone else hear about these Record Store Day 2019 rumors? pricetag 27 2,530

Feb 19 2019 3:59pmjump to last reply
by luv4u

  Prince Question segment on NPR radio Wait Wait don't tell me poppys 6 455

Feb 19 2019 4:54amjump to last reply
by RodeoSchro

  The Hits - Promotional copy Ramzoo 17 834

Feb 19 2019 8:07amjump to last reply
by TrivialPursuit

  Did anyone see prince live when he was just starting out before he was signed? lonelyalien 11 803

Yesterday at 6:35pmjump to last reply
by 80tomato

  Alternate Lovesexy CD artwork? SonnyDJP 14 1,479

Feb 19 2019 4:38amjump to last reply
by KoolEaze

  Prince concerts on Youtube Milty2 14 1,446

Feb 19 2019 6:35pmjump to last reply
by Goddess4Real

  Footage from Prince's famous Glasgow aftershow at The Garage is unearthed! dandan 28 2,648

Today at 12:09amjump to last reply
by McD

  How Prince’s Social Activist Networks Are Keeping His Vision Alive luv4u 2 374

Feb 20 2019 9:32pmjump to last reply
by Goddess4Real

Chaka Khan interview: Pop, Prince and Black Panthers: the glorious life of Chaka Khan PURPLEIZED3121 17 871

Feb 18 2019 9:31amjump to last reply

  Article: An Exhibition about PRINCE Is Opening in Seattle on April 6 Latin 5 382

Yesterday at 7:01amjump to last reply
by Latin

  Dear Mr. Man (Live At Webster Hall - April 20, 2004) - YouTube darkroman 9 718

Feb 18 2019 10:04pmjump to last reply
by Latin

  Purple Rain, Side A or B? liltalkm 24 868

Feb 20 2019 5:01pmjump to last reply
by MoBettaBliss

  What’s up with the Estate using Prince’s twitter account? rogifan 26 1,211

Feb 16 2019 5:13amjump to last reply
by MotownSubdivision

  13 Cars Prince Actually Owned (And 5 It's Weird That He Didn't) Latin 10 976

Feb 18 2019 7:10amjump to last reply
by Latin

happy Valentines Day... OldFriends4Sale 16 620

Feb 16 2019 6:11amjump to last reply
by iZsaZsa

  "Purple Reign: Exploring Prince’s Impact on Race and Masculinity" BartVanHemelen 2 241

Feb 14 2019 3:43pmjump to last reply
by kingricefan

  Fake 'The Ballad of Dorothy Parker (Long Version)' is out there now. smokeverbs 20 1,047

Feb 14 2019 11:02amjump to last reply
by sulls

  If Emancipation hadn't the eponym track on it,how would you call it ? RODSERLING 20 725

Yesterday at 6:32amjump to last reply
by iZsaZsa

  Nike PRINCE Tapes | PRINCE'S Relationship With Basketball Latin 10 1,070

Yesterday at 8:51pmjump to last reply
by Latin

  Article: I've Watched PRINCE'S "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" Solo At Least Once A Week For Years Now Latin 8 630

Feb 18 2019 11:31amjump to last reply
by bsprout

  Last Heart LaurenceNoonan 42 1,871

Feb 20 2019 9:43amjump to last reply
by luvsexy4all

  Paisley Park — why Graceland and not Motown? FUNKNROLL 4 579

Today at 6:19amjump to last reply
by Wlcm2thdwn3

  If Émancipation Was just an EP of 6 tracks, what would you pick? RODSERLING 24 822

Feb 17 2019 10:52amjump to last reply
by violetcrush

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