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Thread started 06/16/18 5:40pm


mood/activity dependent albums

There are certain albums I only listen to if I am in a certain mood or doing a particular type of activity. For the most part, I have no interest in listening to it in other moods or situations. Below are a few examples of mine, but I also am interested to hear if you have albums or artists that are like this for you.

1. Any Kate Bush album - This is the hardest for me to describe but I have to be in a place that my mind and mood feels light so that I can appreciate how ethereal she is. If I am either too serious or too upbeat, I just don't want to hear her even though I think she is fantastic.

2, Prince - HnR1 - Overall, this is one of my least favorite Prince albums except if I am doing some type of indoor aerobic exercise such as a treadmill. Then I seem to really enjoy the grooves and beats, which pumps me up to continue with the boring exercise.

3. Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell - One of my favorite albums by one of my favorite artists. He deals with his grief about his mother. It is absolutely gorgeous but it is sooooo sad that I never want to play it if I am either upbeat (why spoil the mood) or feeling especially down (no desire to feel even darker).

4. 21 Pilots - Blurryface - This is the only album that I hear my middle schoolers and their friends sing with a passion that I felt for music when I was an adolescent. So, I actually enjoy it when I am playing it in the car for them but I tried it once when they weren't around and just couldn't get into it.

5. Queen -Greatest Hits/Classic Queen - I have heard these songs so much in my life I have no need to play them again unless I am with other people. Then, it is a blast for everyone to sing them together, especially Bohemian Rhapsody a la Wayne's World style.

How about you?

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Reply #1 posted 06/16/18 6:23pm



I go through phases.......besides listening to Prince and his proteges everyday.....sometimes if I have been watching at musical on tv eg. There's No Business, Like Show Business (1954) I tend to want to listen to that soundtrack or listen to all my muscial cds in my collection. At the moment I can't get Heatwave and After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It out of my head....Marilyn Monroe so was amazing in those numbers. queen angel worship

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Keep Calm & Listen To Prince
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