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Short new video about gated reverb, featuring Susan Rogers and the music of Prince

Prince: Music and More 08/19/17 1:37am

Owen Husney found a 1977 telegram from A&M Records anxious to be in business with Prince

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 11:24pm

Dear Mr Man ~A Documentary

Politics & Religion 08/18/17 10:49pm

Tank and the baldheadz

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 9:54pm

I Wish U Heaven / Heaven Must Be Near (session)

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 9:08pm

My personal Prince Story

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 6:18pm

OMG! I think I found the real Sananda!

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 6:12pm

Michael Jackson’s Bad: 30 Years Ago the King of Pop Hit His Prime ... so Why Is That Album Underrated?

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 6:05pm

Oh shit... I'm Late!!!

General Discussion 08/18/17 4:59pm

August 3, 1983 Prince & the Revolution

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 4:33pm

Olivia Newton-John: "I'm Feeling Great!"

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 3:58pm

Favourite acoustic guitar songs ever

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 3:20pm

Small Club

Concerts 08/18/17 2:05pm

"June" and the Sopranos

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 1:41pm

Glam Slam video - Jumping the Shark

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 1:22pm

Rubin had another good guest on. wtf. haha

Politics & Religion 08/18/17 11:20am

Almost entire Presidential Committee on the Arts and Humanities quits

Politics & Religion 08/18/17 11:04am

Express your love for the FANTASTIC and FUNKY "Good Love" by PRINCE/CAMILLE

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 11:02am

Video: Coldplay performs "Raspberry Beret" in a recent tribute to Prince in Minneapolis

Prince: Music and More 08/18/17 10:26am

Steve Bannon OUT

Politics & Religion 08/18/17 10:03am

Shelby J. killing it on Misty Blue

Associated artists & people 08/18/17 9:57am

...JUDGE JUDY orrr' JERRY SPINGER for President???

Politics & Religion 08/18/17 9:12am


Associated artists & people 08/18/17 7:33am

You wanted it, you got it....

General Discussion 08/18/17 6:56am

Ex-Roots drummer sues over unpaid royalties, images in promotional pieces

Music: Non-Prince 08/18/17 6:46am