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Michael Jackson: Square One - Official Trailer

Music: Non-Prince 08/25/19 7:52pm

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premieres October 11 on Netflix. Trailer inside

General Discussion 08/24/19 4:43pm

Eddie Money Diagnosed with Cancer

Music: Non-Prince 08/24/19 4:36pm

If I had a time machine...

Prince: Music and More 08/24/19 3:15pm

Prince’s views on the movie Lucy (2014)?

Prince: Music and More 08/24/19 2:56pm

The Violet Reality's recent video: The PRINCE song about DONALD TRUMP is NOT what you think!

Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 08/24/19 9:50am

Star Wars:Jedi Fallen Order

General Discussion 08/24/19 9:32am

Learn about Islam haters.

Politics & Religion 08/24/19 9:30am

New book: "Prince and Popular Music: Critical Perspectives on an Interdisciplinary Life"

Prince: Music and More 08/24/19 8:16am

Prince & Raphael Saadiq?

Prince: Music and More 08/24/19 12:37am

The Mandalorian trailer is here

General Discussion 08/23/19 5:32pm

Best Lyricist Ever?

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/19 3:34pm

"KingBAD… I can hang when U're around, but I'll surely die if U're not there."

General Discussion 08/23/19 3:27pm

Right Wing media figure becomes a Progressive!

Politics & Religion 08/23/19 12:34pm

Tina Turner(5) -Private Dancer 1983-1985

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/19 11:46am

u can get celebs to video 4 u

General Discussion 08/23/19 10:58am

Sanjeeta Bhattacharya - Real Music

Music: Non-Prince 08/23/19 10:46am

David Koch Dead

Politics & Religion 08/23/19 10:27am

Maneca l=Lightner AKA Madhouse girl appreciation thread

Associated artists & people 08/23/19 9:28am

Feds intercept nearly 53,000 illegal Chinese gun parts in Los Angeles

Politics & Religion 08/23/19 9:23am

Let’s Pick the New Director for Netflix Doc

Prince: Music and More 08/23/19 7:07am

Looks like I had P&AM '83 all along - in the back of my vinyl boot collection

Prince: Music and More 08/23/19 6:01am

The Love Symbol #2 Pantone Color

Prince: Music and More 08/22/19 5:48pm

"KingBAD… don't call me baby, and get out of my house you creep!"

General Discussion 08/22/19 3:57pm

Who on the org didn't buy Originals and why?

Prince: Music and More 08/22/19 3:01pm