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it ain't my fault

General Discussion 10/16/17 8:41pm

Kool & The Gang ~ Jungle Boogie/Spirit Of The Boogie Live

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 7:28pm

Article - Wendy Melvoin: Playing for the Revolution

Associated artists & people 10/16/17 6:39pm

Some Dobbie In Your Funk?

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 6:34pm

I Like It Like That ~ Michael Rodgers 1988

Associated artists & people 10/16/17 6:16pm

R&B 1988-89 Memories

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 5:49pm

John Dunsworth, actor best known as Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys, dead at 71

General Discussion 10/16/17 5:30pm

Best Prince Album?

Prince: Music and More 10/16/17 5:04pm

trent reznor's HALLOWEEN theme

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 3:09pm

African Historian/Anthropologist:Dr. Cheik Anta Diop

Politics & Religion 10/16/17 3:02pm

Prince voice started to sound different after his self titled album.

Prince: Music and More 10/16/17 2:50pm

Larry Flynt offers 10 million to dish Trump's dirt

Politics & Religion 10/16/17 12:20pm

Mr Owl

General Discussion 10/16/17 12:03pm

Vegas shooting not newsworthy

Politics & Religion 10/16/17 10:39am

U S Opioid epidemic - "Victims" are Mostly White and Working-Class.

Politics & Religion 10/16/17 10:36am

'Piano in the Dark' with J. Ingram and M. McDonald

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 10:35am

Karl Urban in Thor:Ragnarok

General Discussion 10/16/17 10:34am

Coming soon to cinemas worldwide: 30th Anniversary Celebration of Prince's Sign O' The Times

Concerts 10/16/17 10:31am

Star Trek thread version 2.3

General Discussion 10/16/17 10:29am

Interesting observation regarding visual artists who have worked for Prince

Associated artists & people 10/16/17 10:22am

Get the new October 2017 issue of Wheretraveler with Prince London Exhibition

Prince: Music and More 10/16/17 7:53am

Mystikal ~ Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against The Wall)

Music: Non-Prince 10/16/17 6:26am

April 7th, 2016---have we discussed lately

Prince: Music and More 10/16/17 6:03am

Prince songs for a wounded heart

Prince: Music and More 10/16/17 1:08am

The radical roots of LGBT liberation.

Politics & Religion 10/16/17 12:51am