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A-R-E-T-H-A: Pay "Respect" and post your favorite songs here

Music: Non-Prince 25

Urethra Franklin. What is ur fave song?

Music: Non-Prince 22

Piano & A Microphone Deluxe Edition (One LP And A Disc) Why?

Prince: Music and More 22

Aretha reported near death

Music: Non-Prince 36

The Prince we never quite got.

Prince: Music and More 21

Why wasn't Prince awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Prince: Music and More 45

Prince's best ballads were in Emancipation album. Agree?

Prince: Music and More 43

Police in Germany rescue man being chased by baby squirrel

General Discussion 30

Halloween movie 2018

General Discussion 31

Jimmy Kimmel finally asks Crazy Kanye the question everyone else SHOULD have asked

Politics & Religion 37

Trump Blasts NFL Players after National Anthem Protests Resume

Politics & Religion 41

Holy shit, I'm finally liking Arms of Orion--a bit.

Prince: Music and More 52

Omarosa : Trump repeatedly said "N****r"...

Politics & Religion 187

We accept brutality in video games, but not sexual violence. Why?

Politics & Religion 30

Black album not on Tidal or Spotify

Prince: Music and More 21

Unreleased songs Prince made around the Purple Rain era were his ‘A material’ says band mate of 25 years

Prince: Music and More 31

Playlist for a 7 year old...?

Prince: Music and More 45

Right Wing Harpy Ingraham complains about "illegal" and LEGAL Immigration

Politics & Religion 40

Jesse Johnson Questlove supreme interview

Associated artists & people 34

PRINCE albums have been added to the PRINCE YouTube channel

Prince: Music and More 42

George zimmerman still Stalking people?!?!

Politics & Religion 115

Video - 4U - A Symphonic Celebration of PRINCE

Prince: Music and More 25

Belinda Carlisle/The Go-Go's Thread.

Music: Non-Prince 23

Bumpin' -- List The Non-Prince Songs You're Playing Now (cont'd from peedub thread)

Music: Non-Prince 31

Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman opens 1 year after Charlottesville

Politics & Religion 63