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Ignoring the elephant in the room ?

Politics & Religion 26

I hate Facebook (Racism)

Politics & Religion 30

Controversy and 1999 are the best Prince tours?

Prince: Music and More 26

Democrats subpoena more Trump aides, McGahn snubs committee

Politics & Religion 23

Best sound quality out of 1978 - 1988 CDs?

Prince: Music and More 30

The new Alt-Right sensation, a 13 year old girl, Soph! wtf.

Politics & Religion 72

“If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran,”

Politics & Religion 76

Batman Film Premiere?

Prince: Music and More 25

Less Controversial When Doves Cry Lyrics

Prince: Music and More 48

Leaving Neverland- People are ignorant

Music: Non-Prince 47

New Com Truise...

Music: Non-Prince 22

Fran Lebowitz on Bill Maher makes Islamophobic and horrible Trump suggestion

Politics & Religion 47

Missouri's GOP-led Legislature passes 8-week abortion ban

Politics & Religion 23

RIP Grumpy Cat

General Discussion 21

Act II Come era 1993-1995

Prince: Music and More 76

Ideas of Prince: The Originals Volume II Tracklist??

Prince: Music and More 42

Watch Eric Clapton cover Purple Rain

Prince: Music and More 58

"TRUTH IN RHYTHM" ~ Lisa Coleman (Prince) 3 Part Interview

Associated artists & people 23

Graffiti Bridge - Prince songs only = a killer spiritual album!

Prince: Music and More 52

The Symbol Mic-Stand

Prince: Music and More 58


Music: Non-Prince 33

RIP Doris Day

General Discussion 30

Goldnigga Album - reassessing

Prince: Music and More 155

Quentin Tarantino's new film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

General Discussion 22

Is it safe to say a lot of Prince's 80s music had a distinct 70s sound?

Prince: Music and More 70