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Prince & Freddie Mercury & MJ & Stevie Wonder Vocal Profiles

Music: Non-Prince 01/21/18 11:55am

Why wasn't Ice Cream Castle a bigger success?

Associated artists & people 01/21/18 11:05am

Deaths and when you were born, important.

Politics & Religion 01/21/18 10:57am

An interesting website

General Discussion 01/21/18 9:47am

Before he was famous did prince ever do any busking?

Prince: Music and More 01/21/18 8:23am

Prince handwritten Purple Rain letter is so sweet

Prince: Music and More 01/21/18 7:16am

I've just been called the 'n word' and I'm white

Politics & Religion 01/21/18 5:59am

What was prince's songwriting process?

Prince: Music and More 01/21/18 5:36am

Your thoughts on the song "Jam Of The Year"?

Prince: Music and More 01/21/18 5:33am

Mayte & The NPG

Associated artists & people 01/21/18 4:18am

Daniel Caesar- Best Part (H.E.R)

Music: Non-Prince 01/21/18 4:15am


Politics & Religion 01/21/18 3:46am


Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 01/21/18 3:26am


Art, Podcasts, & Fan Content 01/21/18 2:36am

How Long do laptops usually last?

General Discussion 01/21/18 1:40am

I love my new hobby: photography

General Discussion 01/20/18 8:24pm

Prince's letter to music critic, Tom Moon, after a critical review of his album 'Come'. September 1994.

Prince: Music and More 01/20/18 5:56pm

interview with prince's personal assistant(1986-1996) Therese Stoulil

Associated artists & people 01/20/18 5:49pm

Which songs would you have liked to see prince cover?

Prince: Music and More 01/20/18 5:48pm

White Guilt: Postmodern Racism, Stereotyping, and Collective Guilt

Politics & Religion 01/20/18 3:17pm

Government shutdown

Politics & Religion 01/20/18 11:49am

lyrics to Butter Face

Prince: Music and More 01/20/18 11:20am

Hey - is TD3 around?

General Discussion 01/20/18 10:48am

Kylie Minogue New Single - 'Dancing'

Music: Non-Prince 01/20/18 10:41am

If Anyone From The Estate Is Listening...

Prince: Music and More 01/20/18 10:13am